Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Short Haircut

   The above picture is me finishing one of my clients haircuts. She went from a warm caramel with a medium haircut with a short back, but on this day we did a very short cut and she also went back to a jet black Demi-permanent hair color. We shampooed and did a deep conditioner then we molded her hair with the olive oil mousse which is my favorite foam wrap! 
   As far as the style goes we didn't do a lot of curling because she likes her hair more natural and soft, she doesn't like the soft curls at all and we flipped the front for a funky edge to the style.
   Now before I became known as the "Scissor Queen" as some of my clients call me, I went to hair school at my high school but I didn't finish because my last year we moved back to North Carolina. So I was only able to do a year of classes,when I graduated high school I took the next class available at Mitchell's Hair Academy. I didn't know too much about hair cutting so I made sure I paid close attention and I practiced at school and at home. I think that is what makes the difference between a Okay stylist and a Outstanding stylist.
When you really love what you do, you will do whatever it takes to learn what you need to know and to be the best at it. That also goes for anything in life, my motto is "If you don't try you cant be your best, If you did try then you DID your best! because most of the time when you did try you will succeed at it anyway. Be the best you can be no matter what it is! Until next time :)


Monday, November 28, 2011


   We all know a little about creating illusions but as a hairstylist I have to know a little more! When you create the illusion of something that isnt what it seems you PASS! The above picture is a perfect example of an illusion. At first glance it seems that her sides are shaved into a mo-hawk with beautiful pinned curls. But look carefully and you will see that her sides are pulled upward and pinned with the curls.
   In creating an illusion like this having a creative mind is great but actually this style is very simple. I would curl all the hair focusing on the ends, and then sweep the sides up either using a holding spray or pomade and pin the hair down with hairpins. I think this is a hairstyle that anyone can achieve, it's creative and funky at the same time. It takes a bold person to wear a mo-hawk anyway and to me hairstyles say alot about a persons personality. Until next time :) 


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ebony's Bow Hairstyle

This is my sister Ebony, over the holiday she wanted a new look so we did the bow hairstyle which I mentioned last week. We left her bangs out because she likes her bangs, but you can also do this style slicked all up and back. This is a fun hairstyle which she loved! it took us 10 minutes at the most to do this style!I think anyone could do this style especially if you have a edgy look and the personality to fit.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

BOW Hairstyle

    I absolutely love this hairstyle, everyone that knows me knows that I love different things and when I get a chance I love to try different things on my clients! Now as far as Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton go I put these two pictures up here just to compare. Both of these bows are very neat, not all of them have to be neat but that's just my personality I just like tidy and neat looking hair even when it's a loose hairstyle I still think you shouldnt have hair flying in all directions.In my opinion I love the one with Lady Gaga just because it's so different! she doesnt have all her hair up, and everyone knows I absolutely LOVE bangs they have been my obsession since the 6th grade and I will always love them. I love hers the most also because it compliments her face very well and that they did a wonderful job on.
    You can follow a hair trend but everyone doesnt look the same with their hair all pulled up off their face. You have to factor in your face shape also when choosing a hairstyle. With the guidance of your hairstylist you could really make a trend your own, and start a new trend for others. Being different is a part of who we all are. Add your own spin on a style and send pics!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is one of my favorite little clients, she is so sweet! Her name is Danielle I do her hair about every three weeks. Her hair is natural and I do a blow-out using the Mizani Thermasmooth System. The top picture is her hair after it is shampoo'd and Conditioned, the bottom Picture is after it is used with the mizani products blown out and flat-ironed.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mizani Thermasmooth

The meaning of Mizani -Beauty,Chemistry,Balance. That is exactly what this line is. The thermasmooth line helps to keep curly/natural hair straight and protect all hair types from the heat. and It gives it a brilliant shine and straightness as if you had a relaxer, I absolutely swear by it! The mizani line started off as a conditioner which many people dont know. Thats why I love their conditioners and there styling products, they are very true to what their purpose is. If you have a hard time keeping your hair straight or need a new straightening product I really suggest that you try this product.

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Creative Expressions

       This picture is a vintage photo that I have always loved. It really gives me inspiration, from the colors to her expression this photo is a one of a kind piece of art. If you have anything that inspires you please Share or find that one thing that gives you inspiration

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SHADES in the Fall...(literally)

Shades in the fall? Now I'm not just talking about shades as an accessory but I'm talking about shades as in fall shades! Now I have found some really nice fall nail polishes for fall this year. OPI is one of my favorite nail polish lines because they have something different every year.When you get on the subject of listick  as far as that goes I would say Mabelline has a nice assortment of colors and types of lipsticks just in case you like a more shear look.
      Everyone that knows me will tell you that I love eyeshadow. I will always be my favorite thing to experiment with, considering I have been wearing it since the 8th grade! In my opinion  I would always choose MAC makeup anyday. Also, I have found that Covergirl, and Lancome has great eyeshadows as well. These are just a few that I have tried, if you know of anymore feel free to contact me and I will def. try them!So besides the trend of SHADES in the fall! let's see what new colors of YOUR favorite products you will try this season!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hair Corner:Jocelyn

Jocelyn is my client I have know her for about 14 years. Jocelyn is located in North Carolina and she is a wonderful client!

Jocelyn right now in this video had a invisible part done. Her goal for her hair right now is to wear it mildly relaxed, she wants to wear it partially curly with a wave to it so while her hair grows out we will be keeping this kind of hair in. Today we used two bundles of 12 inch. remy,100% human hair, she wanted a auburn color this time so we used that instead of a dark color.I will be adding more videos and hopefully some tutorials. STAY TUNED....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Extensions #LOVE

Hello you guys, I've been really busy over this past week sorry to keep you guys waiting...These pictures are of some extensions I did on my sister, This is from 10/29/11. I did a full sew-in but i left the perimeter out and some of the top. We went with a 18 inch length and i layered the front and some of the top. I am also gonna do a tutorial on how to achieve the deep wave curl pattern you see here in the picture.Stay tuned :)

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