Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Short Haircut

   The above picture is me finishing one of my clients haircuts. She went from a warm caramel with a medium haircut with a short back, but on this day we did a very short cut and she also went back to a jet black Demi-permanent hair color. We shampooed and did a deep conditioner then we molded her hair with the olive oil mousse which is my favorite foam wrap! 
   As far as the style goes we didn't do a lot of curling because she likes her hair more natural and soft, she doesn't like the soft curls at all and we flipped the front for a funky edge to the style.
   Now before I became known as the "Scissor Queen" as some of my clients call me, I went to hair school at my high school but I didn't finish because my last year we moved back to North Carolina. So I was only able to do a year of classes,when I graduated high school I took the next class available at Mitchell's Hair Academy. I didn't know too much about hair cutting so I made sure I paid close attention and I practiced at school and at home. I think that is what makes the difference between a Okay stylist and a Outstanding stylist.
When you really love what you do, you will do whatever it takes to learn what you need to know and to be the best at it. That also goes for anything in life, my motto is "If you don't try you cant be your best, If you did try then you DID your best! because most of the time when you did try you will succeed at it anyway. Be the best you can be no matter what it is! Until next time :)


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