Monday, October 24, 2011

Extensions! #LOVE

         You can always give a hair style a totally different look with extensions! With this Fo-Hawk I gave it a very bold color in the front to add some excitement, you can never go wrong with adding a splash of color. My challenge- "Try something bold" this fall and send your pictures in, the best one will be in November's first Post! until next time...
                        -Hair is Fashion

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


   With different hair textures comes it's own problems. But for those of us who have to flat-iron our hair we know how hard it can be to also keep it healthy, here are some tips to follow when straightening.
   FINE OR DAMAGED HAIR- I would recommend not flat-ironing  more than once or twice a week and when shampooing make sure to use a deep conditioner or a hair mask once a week to make sure the hair stays hydrated
    MEDIUM TO NORMAL HAIR- I would recommend to not flat-iron more than once or twice a week and to use a thermal protectant product for example as in Mizani Therma-Smooth. I would use the whole system (shampoo,Cond. etc.) just to keep the hair balanced and it is very good on every hair texture because you dont need alot of it. If you have natural hair therma-smooth is great to help train your hair to stay straight for long periods of time. It only takes about two to three times of using the Mizani therma-smooth system to see lasting results. Also make sure to do a deep conditioner or mask when shampooing.
   CURLY HAIR- I would recommend to not flat-iron more than once or twice a week, as stated before the Mizani therma-smooth system is great for keeping hair healthy,straight and shiny. I would do smaller sections with curly hair to make sure you get hair straight evenly from root to end since curly hair tends to get drier on the ends make sure you spray the Mizani therma-smooth /shine extend on each section that you do.

These things have worked for all of my clients with all different hair textures. try these tips and see how they work for you!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Look Of The Week

 I absolutely LOVE this taupe halter dress that Kim Kardashian was wearing exiting her N.Y.C hotel. She always is so glamorous yet so simple. She also carried a jeweled Alexander McQueen Clutch and patent leather Louboutins. Her hair complimented this dress very well, with a very simple bun that Kim and Kourtney are infamous for when going for a casual look! Love,Love,Love this!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Hair is Fun Hair

Hi again everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Now comes fall and it is my favorite time of the year not just because the hot 100 degree weather is gone but  because fall haircolor is the best! I love when my clients come back in from a long summer and we do the more warm and subtle colors. I have even added some warmth to my bob now also. Fall colors can be fun but they also can be tricky you need to know what undertones dont work well together. If your skin tends to be flushed with alot of red then you dont want to go crazy and throw a color with alot of red in it in your hair it will only make your skin look MORE red. The trick is adding the warmth to your hair but with a color that counteracts your skins natural undertones. This way it compliments your skin instead of making you look flushed or sick! my favorite fall hair color is Auburn and warm caramel these hair colors almost work for anyone, but you have to be careful with auburn because with some people you cant add too much red maybe just a dab to give the brown some warmth.Just remember before you do any coloring to your hair you must consult a professional first, that is the only way to come out with the best results,and remember HAIR IS FASHION! but not when you dont have any....#becareful until next time!