Friday, March 23, 2012

What Autism looks like?

I love to play and touch things, I laugh and play all day
I get really frustrated and I cant tell you how I feel
I love banging things, it makes me feel good
I could run all day
and sing all night
I dont really like alot of foods
I cant really express myself through talking
but my brother is my best friend
he can understand me
It's hard for me to go to sleep
and my parents cant either
I dont like to be touched
everything can be overwhelming sometimes
but when i play i am the happiest
in my own space
at my own time
doing what I love the most
I cant tell you what autism looks like
but I know I fit in my world

I just wanted to show people that autism doesnt have a certain look, My daughters name is Nia and she has autism people think of autistic kids being weird or all of them not being able to interact. My daughter is very smart and she is doing very well since starting therapy. She has therapy 3 days a week with 3 different therapist and they are amazing! We had concerns early on because i used to work in a daycare and she has an older brother and I knew that she did things different but I couldnt pin point it. I think it is very important to keep a close eye on your children and not just blow things off and say "Oh nothing is wrong" thats what people say when their in denial or years ago when they really didnt have a name for autism. Please educate yourself if you have any close friends or family with autism so you can find out how to interact with them, when people understand people that are different they dont seem that different after you find out what they like and dont like! TTYL.....