Friday, March 23, 2012

What Autism looks like?

I love to play and touch things, I laugh and play all day
I get really frustrated and I cant tell you how I feel
I love banging things, it makes me feel good
I could run all day
and sing all night
I dont really like alot of foods
I cant really express myself through talking
but my brother is my best friend
he can understand me
It's hard for me to go to sleep
and my parents cant either
I dont like to be touched
everything can be overwhelming sometimes
but when i play i am the happiest
in my own space
at my own time
doing what I love the most
I cant tell you what autism looks like
but I know I fit in my world

I just wanted to show people that autism doesnt have a certain look, My daughters name is Nia and she has autism people think of autistic kids being weird or all of them not being able to interact. My daughter is very smart and she is doing very well since starting therapy. She has therapy 3 days a week with 3 different therapist and they are amazing! We had concerns early on because i used to work in a daycare and she has an older brother and I knew that she did things different but I couldnt pin point it. I think it is very important to keep a close eye on your children and not just blow things off and say "Oh nothing is wrong" thats what people say when their in denial or years ago when they really didnt have a name for autism. Please educate yourself if you have any close friends or family with autism so you can find out how to interact with them, when people understand people that are different they dont seem that different after you find out what they like and dont like! TTYL.....


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Soft Updo's

Most of the time when people think of a updo they think about hard and crunchy...well, not all updo's are hard and crunchy! I think the best updo's are softer. Now it all depends on the ocassion,the dress and the personality. When choosing a updo you want to stay true to your personality and keep that in mind when flipping through the hundreds of books there are for updo's. I can tell you from experience and from a hairstylist's perspective that this can be a very frustrating task. The three main things you want to do before seeing your hairstylist is 1. figure out how you want the front 2. figure out how you want the sides 3. figure out how you want the back. These things are important because it will help eliminate the time looking at pictures and re-doing the style. whether or not you want bangs or it all slicked to the back, or maybe loose sides or loose curls or pincurls and etc. It will give your stylist the bigger picture from the beginning. It will always go smooth when you and your stylist are on the same page. Remember these tips and see how smooth it goes next time you have an important event,prom or dinner to go to.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis' the season to share BEAUTY!

Bath and Body Works

Sweet Pea® Mini Bow Box - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

Hello hair Lovers! I'm sorry I've been gone for a while.... :( this time of the year is a very busy time for everyone not just me, I wanted to get back and share some wonderful deals that I know we all would appreciate because, everyone loves a great deal! This is one of Bath and Body Works' new deals this holiday! This is a sweet pea signature collection mini bow box online for $9.95! or buy 3 get 3 FREE! This is always a great gift for a adult or teenager. Everyone it isn't too late to order these online they ship in 1 to 2 business days!


RG Holiday Specials Gift Sets

These great gift sets are available at any Regis Salon. They have some great specials on biolage gift sets for $20.00. Also Designline and Redken giftsets. 
in addition to that they also have nail polish on sale for all the OPI lovers like me, they are on sale buy one get one 50% off. see down below

RG Holiday Specials OPI BOGO 50%

Hopefully some of these nice holiday gift sets can be a great present for someone in your family! Especially if you need to pick up some small last minute gifts for co-workers,family,or a friend. Until next time....Merry Christmas! Enjoy!


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Friday, December 2, 2011

New Hair Color and Cut!

For the Front I used Wella permanent Color/red-violet

For the rest I used wella demi-permanent Color/Black

    Hello hair lovers! Well I had a change of heart :( after 3 years I am no longer rocking my natural hair color. Instead I am back to my old ways! My hair is back BLACK! I know, I know but I love it black hair is like a friend to me that I can always go back too! One thing I did do is add a violet red to the front. The color came out a bright cherry color on my natural hair color because I didnt lighten my hair, I wanted to stay with a permanent color so it wouldnt fade as fast. 
   My Haircut is a little different, because previously I had a longer version of this bob but the longer I kept it the more I started to fall in LOVE! So now I have a shorter A-Line bob and I kept the back tapered really low, just because my hair grows so fast. It really compliments my face because of the long angles in the front. When Your'e thinking about a new haircut or color take into consideration your face complexion and your face shape. If you take those two tips and incorporate them into your new look you can never go wrong! Until next time