Friday, December 2, 2011

New Hair Color and Cut!

For the Front I used Wella permanent Color/red-violet

For the rest I used wella demi-permanent Color/Black

    Hello hair lovers! Well I had a change of heart :( after 3 years I am no longer rocking my natural hair color. Instead I am back to my old ways! My hair is back BLACK! I know, I know but I love it black hair is like a friend to me that I can always go back too! One thing I did do is add a violet red to the front. The color came out a bright cherry color on my natural hair color because I didnt lighten my hair, I wanted to stay with a permanent color so it wouldnt fade as fast. 
   My Haircut is a little different, because previously I had a longer version of this bob but the longer I kept it the more I started to fall in LOVE! So now I have a shorter A-Line bob and I kept the back tapered really low, just because my hair grows so fast. It really compliments my face because of the long angles in the front. When Your'e thinking about a new haircut or color take into consideration your face complexion and your face shape. If you take those two tips and incorporate them into your new look you can never go wrong! Until next time


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