Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Hair is Fun Hair

Hi again everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Now comes fall and it is my favorite time of the year not just because the hot 100 degree weather is gone but  because fall haircolor is the best! I love when my clients come back in from a long summer and we do the more warm and subtle colors. I have even added some warmth to my bob now also. Fall colors can be fun but they also can be tricky you need to know what undertones dont work well together. If your skin tends to be flushed with alot of red then you dont want to go crazy and throw a color with alot of red in it in your hair it will only make your skin look MORE red. The trick is adding the warmth to your hair but with a color that counteracts your skins natural undertones. This way it compliments your skin instead of making you look flushed or sick! my favorite fall hair color is Auburn and warm caramel these hair colors almost work for anyone, but you have to be careful with auburn because with some people you cant add too much red maybe just a dab to give the brown some warmth.Just remember before you do any coloring to your hair you must consult a professional first, that is the only way to come out with the best results,and remember HAIR IS FASHION! but not when you dont have any....#becareful until next time!

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