Monday, November 28, 2011


   We all know a little about creating illusions but as a hairstylist I have to know a little more! When you create the illusion of something that isnt what it seems you PASS! The above picture is a perfect example of an illusion. At first glance it seems that her sides are shaved into a mo-hawk with beautiful pinned curls. But look carefully and you will see that her sides are pulled upward and pinned with the curls.
   In creating an illusion like this having a creative mind is great but actually this style is very simple. I would curl all the hair focusing on the ends, and then sweep the sides up either using a holding spray or pomade and pin the hair down with hairpins. I think this is a hairstyle that anyone can achieve, it's creative and funky at the same time. It takes a bold person to wear a mo-hawk anyway and to me hairstyles say alot about a persons personality. Until next time :) 


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