Saturday, November 5, 2011

SHADES in the Fall...(literally)

Shades in the fall? Now I'm not just talking about shades as an accessory but I'm talking about shades as in fall shades! Now I have found some really nice fall nail polishes for fall this year. OPI is one of my favorite nail polish lines because they have something different every year.When you get on the subject of listick  as far as that goes I would say Mabelline has a nice assortment of colors and types of lipsticks just in case you like a more shear look.
      Everyone that knows me will tell you that I love eyeshadow. I will always be my favorite thing to experiment with, considering I have been wearing it since the 8th grade! In my opinion  I would always choose MAC makeup anyday. Also, I have found that Covergirl, and Lancome has great eyeshadows as well. These are just a few that I have tried, if you know of anymore feel free to contact me and I will def. try them!So besides the trend of SHADES in the fall! let's see what new colors of YOUR favorite products you will try this season!

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