Thursday, November 17, 2011

BOW Hairstyle

    I absolutely love this hairstyle, everyone that knows me knows that I love different things and when I get a chance I love to try different things on my clients! Now as far as Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton go I put these two pictures up here just to compare. Both of these bows are very neat, not all of them have to be neat but that's just my personality I just like tidy and neat looking hair even when it's a loose hairstyle I still think you shouldnt have hair flying in all directions.In my opinion I love the one with Lady Gaga just because it's so different! she doesnt have all her hair up, and everyone knows I absolutely LOVE bangs they have been my obsession since the 6th grade and I will always love them. I love hers the most also because it compliments her face very well and that they did a wonderful job on.
    You can follow a hair trend but everyone doesnt look the same with their hair all pulled up off their face. You have to factor in your face shape also when choosing a hairstyle. With the guidance of your hairstylist you could really make a trend your own, and start a new trend for others. Being different is a part of who we all are. Add your own spin on a style and send pics!


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